SECURED: Scaling up Secure Processing, Anonymization and Generation of Health Data

The Horizon Proposal SECURED has just been awarded and the Erasmus MC via the NCL is a proud member of it! In an effort to offer the best possible decision support for medical personnel, patients and their carers, healthcare providers are gradually adopting novel Big-Data analytics technologies. The goal of SECURED is to provide rock-solid, secure means of gathering and analyzing Big-Data that can assist decision-makers in making choices regarding treatment or surgery, predict the path of large-scale health events, and plan long-term treatments. However, the collection, sharing and (re)use of data across Europe.

To this end, SECURED aims to offer a one-stop collaboration hub (the SECURED Innohub) that will provide a secure and trusted environment for decentralized, cooperative processing of health data through i) Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) technologies, ii) new synthetic-data generation and anonymization techniques, and iii) data-anonymization assessment to health-data providers and users. Our vision is to facilitate the broad adoption of health datasets across Europe by making the interconnection between EU health data hubs, the health data analytics research community, health application innovators (like Healthcare SMEs) as well as end-users.

The SECURED Innohub, additionally, will offer the means to engage its members in the EU health data community by providing training and well as synthetic data to stimulate health-data analysis research, medical education as well as an increase of the associated datasets volume and a considerable reduction in their bias.

SECURED is scheduled to start in early 2023 and its vision is to kick start an EU cross-border health-data collaboration ecosystem for data providers, data researchers and innovators that will be able to produce new AI-based data analytics solutions and stem innovation.