HIPEAC: Technology Transfer Awards 2023

Since 2012, the HiPEAC Technology Transfer Awards have recognized examples of academic innovations examples of leading-edge technology being transferred from academia to industry. This year, technologies transferred ranged from tools that speed up processor development to embedded cybersecurity services.

We are proud to announce that Dr Christos Strydis is among the HiPEAC 2023 winners of the awards for his work on “Enhancing Pavlovian-training experiments with GPU-accelerated machine learning”.

In neuroscience, Pavlovian eyeblink conditioning is a crucial experiment for assessing human learning processes. Traditionally, researchers have tracked eyelid movements using potentiometers or electromyography. Recently, computer vision and image processing have offered alternatives, but these require human involvement and lack real-time capabilities.

To address this, the NeuroComputing Laboratory of the neuroscience department at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam joined forces with the startup BlinkLab, which turns mobile phones into devices for conducting neurobehavioural evaluations. Researchers evaluated face- and landmark-detection algorithms for automated eyelid tracking, a technique which could help enable closed-loop experiments with promise for insights into neurological disorders.

For more information on the awards on the HIPEAC official website: TTA 2023 page