Dr. Strydis wins 3rd place for best research idea in Delft Health Initiative competition 2020

During the annual Delft Health Initiative contest for the best research idea, dr. Christos Strydis won 3rd place with his project proposal: “Ensemble, Closed-Loop, Epilepsy-Prevention System (ECLEPSys)”, along with a 10k-Euro award to kickstart the project. Based on a significant body of research already conducted within the Neuroscience Dept. on epilepsy, ECLEPSys advocates the use of Medical Body-Area Networks (M-BANs) for the timely suppression and (ideally) prevention of ictal events, restoring largely quality of life for epileptic patients. This project pertains to the rapid prototyping of various M-BAN nodes and is a synergy between the groups of dr. Christos Strydis (ErasmusMC) and prof. dr. Wouter Serdijn (TUDelft); a prominent case of the EMC-TUD convergence. Stay tuned for more updates on ECLEPSys!