Graphcore via Microsoft Azure offers NCL Private-Preview Access

Starting September 1st, 2020, the NCL was selected for Private-Preview access to the Graphcore IPU technology via Dell and, ultimately, Microsoft on the Azure Cloud. This is an excellent opportunity to (a) test-drive the Graphcore technology on behalf of the whole Erasmus MC along with a few other labs; (b) rehash existing experimental platforms currently


The HBP welcomes NCL as new Partner

ArborIO is a new project that will work on an Arbor Implementation of the Inferior Olive Network. Coordinated by the Neurocomputing Lab in Erasmus Medical Center, Neuroscience Dept. For this project NCL will partner with the University of Pavia, Dept. of Cognitive and Brain Sciences (UNIPV). The HBP has awarded about 560k euros for the


Dr. Strydis wins 3rd place for best research idea in Delft Health Initiative competition 2020

During the annual Delft Health Initiative contest for the best research idea, dr. Christos Strydis won 3rd place with his project proposal: “Ensemble, Closed-Loop, Epilepsy-Prevention System (ECLEPSys)”, along with a 10k-Euro award to kickstart the project. Based on a significant body of research already conducted within the Neuroscience Dept. on epilepsy, ECLEPSys advocates the use